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Gluten-Free & Grain-Free
Healthy Solutions

Teri's Gluten and Grain-Free Solutions was born to give
individuals who choose not to eat gluten and/or grains a
place to come where they can find great recipes,
up-to-date information, and interact with like-minded

A place where "Everything Healthy" can be a topic.

Grain-Free eating is not a fad for the moment.
Grain-Free eating is a lifestyle choice for many who
want optimal health, and for others who have serious
health concerns.

I feel we have just touched the surface of understanding
what part grains have played in our diets and why.

Here you can share your recipes,  opinions,  and your
personal  stories of why you have chosen to not eat
gluten and/or grains.

For some it may be Celiac Disease, for others, an
intolerance or sensitivity to gluten and/or an individual

For others, like me, you came to realize, maybe
through your research, that grains are not as healthy as
we once thought.

Many individuals report more energy,  less pain,  
vitality, weight loss, mental acuity, emotional balance,
physical endurance, and absence of symptoms from a
variety of illnesses.

Whatever it is for you, I welcome you with open arms to
visit whenever you want to, and share your opinions and
ideas.  Let's make this a collaborative adventure and

I would like to impress upon you that a healthy lifestyle
is more than just eating gluten and grain-free.

Eating whole foods, such as organic, fresh and local
fruits and vegetables is also important to be sure you
are getting all the nutrients needed in your day.

As I continue  to research, and find new information,  I
will bring you the information via my website, so check
back often.  And yes, I  will create  more recipes.

Thanks for your interest !!!

Contact me Today!

I look forward to hearing from you!

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Millions of Americans with dietary
restrictions feel deprived as they forgo
baked goods due to hidden allergens.
Things are looking up and help is here.

There are 122 great tasting, healthy and
easy to make recipes.

Foods that you thought you couldn't eat
such as bread, pizza, chicken fingers,
pancakes, cakes and cookies are also

Satisfy your discriminating palate with
meals  from Italian cuisine to Mexican,
Chinese, and American, using nutritious,
whole foods that are delicious and

This recipe book is a must have for those
with Celiac Disease, gluten and/or grain
intolerances, allergens to corn, soy, or
peanuts, and for individuals who just want
to optimize their health.

In addition to the recipes, I have written
my thoughts on certain subjects such as;
sugar, caffeine, food rotation, eating the
colors of the rainbow, meditation, exercise,
the breath, and circadium rhythms.

Throughout the book you will find thought
provoking quotes that are positive and

I am not a medical doctor. All material is for
informational purposes only and does not take the
place of professional advice from your healthcare
provider. The information is not offered as cures,
prescriptions or diagnoses. Consult your doctor
before using any information presented.
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